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    Pillar Health is a leading team of scientists and entrepreneurs with deep expertise in health, nutrition, molecular diagnostics, and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to empower individuals to find and maintain optimal health and wellness by democratizing access to actionable tools and information from leading-edge biomedical research. We develop products that customize scientific health and wellness innovations to fit individual characteristics and lifestyle so that you can stay unique and authentic in achieving your goals.

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    Microbiome & Metabolome

    The microbiome is the community of microorganisms that live in us, on us, and all around us; while the metabolome consists of all the active metabolites in your body. Pillar Health seeks to map and integrate these systems together to reveal more about your overall health and how to improve your well-being.

    Personal Genome Interpretation

    Pillar Health will utilize the latest next-generation sequencing technology and our novel pipeline to sequence and interpret your genome, generating a personalized report highlighting important features and facts about your genome that can impact your health.

    Astronaut-Level Full Omics Profile

    Research conducted as part of the NASA Twins Study represents one of the most comprehensive molecular profiles of an individual, and the subjects were two astronauts! Pillar Health offers the same in-depth characterization, integrating multi-omics analyses together for a deeper understanding of your health and wellness.


    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is to help humans make smart decisions from complex information and to automate away the tedious so that it becomes possible to focus on the important. The Pillar Health team includes deep expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Pillar Health is building a platform that will empower consumers with intelligent tools to make smart decisions about health and wellness.

    Skin Microbiome & The Environment

    One of the major factors impacting our health and wellness is the environment we with interact with everyday (home, office, commute, etc.). Our work as part of the MetaSUB study has shown that the microbiome of subway systems looks like skin, showing how much our interactions with the environment shape both the microbiome of those surfaces, as well as our own. Thus, Pillar Health will link measures of the home (air, water, high-touch surfaces) as mediators and reservoirs of organisms that can mediate health. 

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